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It’s a card, it’s a magnet, it’s an instant win — all in one!

SnapNwin® is a fun, integrative, magnetic card used in highly successful promotional marketing campaigns to get new customers and build brand recognition, while boosting sales with a high response rate, and experiencing a great campaign ROI. Loved in USA, Canada, and Europe.

Each SnapNwin promo card consists of three distinct elements:

  • Full color front and back – many current card sizes available for different type marketing promotions. Variable imaging potential on all surfaces.
  • Snap out retention piece – a magnet which dramatically increases branding value.
  • Hidden message revealed when magnet is snapped out. Consistent or Variable message including PIN codes, text message, SMS, UPC or QR codes, or music downloads. Promotional message/Offer/ Discount Coupon/Contest. Builds customer database through on-line or text messaging options for the inner hidden message.

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SnapNwin is constructed by combining together a high quality magnet and a card printed on both sides in a unique format. The card and its magnetic portion can be made in any practical shape or size. As well the cards can be designed with a single or multiple magnet portions.

SnapNwin is excitingly creative – a patented concept, nothing else on the market like it!

snapNwin - the marketing solution used by companies like Adidas, TELUS, Rogers, Toyota, Choice Hotels, CIBC, Cineplex, Nascar, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, World Wrestling Entertainment, NBA, NHL, Chrysler, Westjet, Red Cross and RE/MAX.

Client Marketing Success Case Studies

Adidas   Pizza Pizza   WWE   Maple Leaf Sports   CIBC_snapNwin   PPA_snapNwin

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